How to download our Design Zip Files

After you purchase your design(s),  you will be prompted to check your email account for a link to download your design files.

Open your email from Embroidery Village and double click on the link to download your zipped files.

Most computers will send the file to your Download folder (unless you have changed the settings).

On your computer, navigate to your Download folder.

Locate the new zipped design folder in the Download folder.

Right click on the zipped folder, and choose EXTRACT ALL from the menu.

You can extract the contents to the same Download folder or choose BROWSE and choose  a folder where you would like the unzipped folder to be placed.

Once the folder is unzipped, locate the folder and double click on it to open the Design files.

Inside the folder you will find:

Embroidery Designs – all machine formats

Thread chart

Terms and Conditions for use


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